ESG integration solution on Azure : 8 weeks MVP

pateikė TCS - Data & AI

A cognitive AIML led solution empowering banks and financial institutions for sustainable businesses

Bankers and investors are increasingly interested in getting a custom handle on the sustainability information of clients/customers agnostically without insisting on compulsory disclosures. TCS ESG integration framework on Azure helps them in their intent and is an incredible attempt to find the needle in the haystack.​It manages aspects of service discovery and registry and helps financial institutions to identify the parameters to build sustainable frameworks and contribute directly to scoring methodology.

Features of TCS’ ESG solution on Azure :
1-> This PaaS solution manages various aspects of service discovery and service registry by itself compared to the On-premise IaaS based solution.
2->It has 300+ indicators that are both Qualitative & Quantitative attributes with an ability to set targets.
3->Indicator framework that enables asset managers to quickly and easily procure ESG data with an ability to track the origin of data for increased transparency.

TCS has developed a robust ESG Integration Solution leveraging depth & breadth of Azure services and Cognitive technologies and AI/ML algorithms. Enabling an agnostic and transparent view on ESG Performance and Impacts of assets & investments of Financial Institutions. It helps FI to identify the parameters to build sustainable Frameworks and contribute directly to scoring methodology to contribute towards transparency of ESG data.

1->It hosts ESG data acquisition and impact assessment framework in Azure using App service which is more secure with 99.95% availability.
2->Seamlessly deploy ESG Integration Solution using ACR to Azure environment.
3->KPIs aligned to global and National regulatory mandates.

Benefits of TCS’ ESG solution:

1->360-degree view - Ability to consume data, measure and report the real-world impact of assets and investments on UN SDGs.
2->Identify Additional investment insights - leverage cognitive technologies to get additional ESG insights from Digital Media
3->White Box ESG Reporting - ability to track the origin of data for increased transparency.
4->Plug & Play Solution- Seamlessly and Quickly deploy ESG Integration Solution to Azure environment
5->Aids quick decision making: helps large asset owners seeking a more systematic way to integrate ESG considerations into their investment strategies

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