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Teamflect - Always be on the same page with effective and structured 1-on-1 meetings

All-in-one performance management tool - exclusively built for Microsoft Teams. Set goals/OKRs, organize 1-on-1's, manage tasks, conduct performance reviews, share feedback and recognitions. Create high-performing and engaged teams - even when people are remote.

Goals & OKRs
Make your goals a natural part of daily conversations as well as regular 1-on-1 meetings to keep everyone aligned without additional effort.

Easily organize 1-on-1s and make the most out of them with talking points, action items, and private notes.

Get recognized for your hard efforts and celebrate your colleagues to keep them motivated.

Select the template, reviewers, reviewees and start the cycle! Make your performance review process more intuitive with a tool that your employees will love

Help your employees grow by giving constructive feedback or by requesting feedbacks on their behalf.

Be on top of your business and track your direct reports with an easy to use tasks module right inside Outlook and Teams.

Take notes with Teamflect and never forget important details about your direct reports or colleagues.

Teamflect provides rich context by getting behavioral data from Office 365 and helps managers access deep insights generated from the daily communications with their direct reports and peers.

NOTE: Office 365 account is required to use Teamflect. Teamflect is totally free and always will be accessible with all of its features for companies that have under 25 employees. However, if you have more than 25 employees, you have to move to our paid tier which starts from 4$ per month. You can always contact us through

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