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Accelerate your sales pipeline with valuable analytics, email, phone, chat and live presentations.

Contact the right customers at the right time with the right messaging using the Tellwise Sales Communication platform. Tellwise makes communicating easier by combining the most important tools like a dialer, tracked emails, instant messaging, live presentation and integrating them with powerful analytics.

Furthermore, Tellwise is integrated with applications you use everyday like Dynamics Online, Outlook, Gmail and many list building tools and services. These Tellwise integrations show a live feed of how customers are interacting with your content so you know exactly when someone is reading an important document you shared with them or watching a key video. This information allows the sales professional to then engage with that customer at the most opportunistic time via phone or instant message to move the relationship forward.

Tellwise provides:

  • A full sales dialer capable of using local area codes for recipients
  • Email campaigns designed for sales professionals so they are easy to use directly from Dynamics CRM
  • Live feed of customer engagement
  • Sophisticated analytics to show customer behavior
  • Live presentation sharing from any device

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