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Reimagine customer engagement by creating consistent, seamless experiences across channel

Temenos Infinity – Digital Banking Platform

Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with world-class front and middle office transactional capabilities and reimagine customer engagement by creating consistent, seamless and human experiences across channels.

Increase Agility

Get to market fast with an extensive repository of pre-built features and evolve as quickly as your customers’ needs. Have the freedom to align the open and flexible platform of Temenos Infinity to your digital banking architecture. Use any cloud platform of your choice and elastically scale on demand. Simplify the connectivity to any core banking system and implement changes quickly while managing application development time and costs. Leverage advanced micro-services and APIs to create your digital banking apps easily.

Create Smart Digital Experience

Create frictionless, personalized, and human banking experiences to increase customer satisfaction. Use data analytics, AI, and smart banking capabilities to provide actionable customer insights. Drive stronger customer engagement and loyalty through a multi-channel strategy from native mobile apps, web apps, branch to advanced interfaces like conversational banking and wearable devices.

Go Beyond Banking

Thrive in a world of open banking and FinTechs by easily integrating with 3rd party applications or leverage pre-built API connections from the Temenos Marketplace. Empower your team to speed up transformation using an open ecosystem that removes barriers to innovation—and future-proofs your investment. Create your own digital ecosystem and aggregate data from external providers to deliver value-added services and open innovation to your clients.

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