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Trustd MTD is an AI-powered mobile threat defence solution for BYOD and corporate mobile devices.

Protect your business data against mobile cyber attacks - without invading employee privacy.

Mobile phishing, malware via malicious apps, permissions abuse and leaky apps, Man-in-the-Middle attacks over public WiFi, unpatched devices… smartphones and tablets carry many risks to the security of your business, whether you allow direct access to your network or cloud apps or not. But IT teams are struggling to gain visibility over the number of, and risk status of, employee devices that could compromise business data. Until now.

It’s a fact. By ensuring their absolute privacy, more employees are happy to install Trustd Mobile Threat Defence on their personal mobile device. Which means fewer security gaps in your organisation, better visibility over device status, and faster threat remediation.

Unlike other MTD solutions, Trustd uniquely combines AI-powered protection against both known and unknown threats such as mobile malware and phishing with straightforward user guidance and absolute employee privacy. By integrating with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Microsoft Azure AD), Trustd can even form part of your Zero-Trust strategy by restricting access to your business data from untrusted mobile devices.

The Traced team of security and privacy evangelists has won several cybersecurity awards and works with Microsoft’s MISA program, the Coalition Against Stalkerware, and the NCSC for Startups.

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