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Built to plan, manage and optimize complex resources

Unit4 ERP is an integrated cloud ERP solution to help people-centric organizations adapt and optimize for growth. It helps finance, HR and planning teams to adapt quickly and grow revenues without needing to increase manpower. We do this through a suite of flexible and personalized ERP capabilities specifically tailored to service-centric organizations. The suite is uniquely capable of helping you plan, manage and optimize complex resources on a domestic and international scale, all through one seamless and responsive People Experience.

Unit4 ERP delivers increased visibility and control in Finance, Projects, Procurement, Reporting, Forecasting and Payroll. It has been built on the latest technology to ensure your people have the right tools to support your business now, and in the future.

With Unit4 ERP you can:
  • Embed agility to adapt and grow - Through our adaptable cloud ERP platform, you can enable teams to easily adjust work structures, gain continuous access to new features, and benefit from data-driven insights to find opportunities for growth.
  • Maintain stability while you innovate - automatically align to your industry and ERP best practice to remain secure, create tailored and automated approval workflows to ensure compliance, and integrate external data to maintain governance within one easy workflow.
  • Gain clarity to optimize resources - quickly understand business performance with advanced holistic reporting tools, making it easier to see strategic and tactical impact. With powerful AI-supported processes, budgeting and people planning, you can manage complex structures and projects and gain the transparency to make the right decisions for your business.

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