Collaborative AR Automation Platform

pateikė Versapay

A new and better approach to AR automation

Versapay combines industry-leading accounts receivable automation, intuitive collaboration tools, and a next-generation B2B payments network. Our collaborative AR approach connects your accounts receivable team with customers over the cloud to make AR more efficient, accelerate digital payments, and drastically improve the customer experience.

More reasons to transform AR with Versapay:

Automate invoice delivery across all channels
Manage invoice delivery for all customers in one place based on their preferences.
Track e-invoice delivery statuses to see if customers received, viewed, or opened email notifications.

Collaborate effortlessly with customers
Provide 24/7 online access to manageaccounts, view invoices, store paymentmethods, set up autopay, and more.
Use built-in collaboration tools to askquestions, post comments, and quicklyresolve disputes.
Notify and loop colleagues into ongoingconversations at the right time.

Optimize B2B payments
Accept multiple payment methods securely across credit, debit, and virtual cards, ACH, checks, and more.
Stay secure and reduce fraud with PCI validation and tokenized and encrypted credit card data.
Optimize costs with lower cost per transaction rates, Level III processing, andB2B smart fraud, and transaction monitoring.
Capture more revenue with control over configurable payment acceptance rules, credit card surcharges, and autopay.

Improve DSO with Intelligent Collections
View complete information for all customers and track metrics across business divisions, geographies, and currencies.
Streamline collections with 150+configurable, automated notifications and direct customers to a secure portal to view details and pay.
Prioritize collection activities by segmenting customers using tags for priority levels.

Apply cash for all your payment sources
Get 100% reliable remittance information with automatic cash application for online payments made in the portal.
Let our AI-powered cash application capture, import, and reassociate decoupled remittance data automatically, while also reconciling for traditional payments made outside Versapay.
Collaborate with customers online to apply cash directly to remaining unmatched payments.

Do more in one place
Make customer information accessible organization-wide by integrating your business infrastructure into our solution through APIs.

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