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Public eProcurement platform, highly configurable, EU Directives and national legislations compliant

VORTAL is a worldwide leading company offering eSourcing and eProcurement solutions where thousands of public and private buyers connect, every day, with an international community of qualified suppliers to make business.
VORTALnext platform allows contracting authorities to manage the entire public procurement process, in full compliance with the EU Directives published in 2014 and the national legislation of each country, continuously evolving according to regulations in the area and taking advantage of best practices.

VORTAL supports customers globally, from small Public Bodies (like small municipalities), large Public Bodies (large Cities, Regional Governments in different countries, National Central Procurement Bodies), to the entire public administration of several Countries, as well as from SMEs to large multinational corporations. Vortal’s Procurement platform is currently in use in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, Colombia, Honduras, Peru, Dominican Republic.

VORTAL is a customer oriented company, focused on providing the best user experience and innovative tools to delight customers. Gartner has recently rated Vortal in the Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Suites (one of the 10 companies included worldwide) and mentioned the Product functionality, Customer Satisfaction, Ease of Use and Customer Service as the most important strengths of our company.

The Solution:

  • Highly customizable: +90% of the custom requirements can be implemented by parametrization, without software coding.
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf: No custom software development. Fully developed, highly rated by analysts, and tested in over 2 million procedures, in several countries, over the last 5 years.
  • Compliant eProcurement Platform: EU Directives compliant platform, making use of best practices regarding Security, Functionality and Support Services.
  • In the cloud: All the benefits of using a cloud infrastructure with the additional privacy and autonomy related with using a private instance.
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