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An integrated IoT and Intelligent building management solution that runs on Microsoft Azure Platform

About Smart i-Building:
Wipro's Smart i-Building engages IoT technology to connect building systems together and maximizes resource efficiency. It enables facilities management, operational excellence, enhance user experience, reduction in operational cost, Increased efficiency, and SLAs, effectively facilitates in achieving business goals and sustainability goals. IT brings in digital operations with B-IoT, AI and automation as the key driver for efficiency.

The solution is modular in architecture - ready to deploy in brown field and green field building infrastructure, efficient enough to operate, maintain, monitor, and manage the building by streamlining operations with the integration of Smart i-Building with building systems, service management tools, Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM), Building Information modelling (BIM) and workforce management (WFM).

In Recent News:
Wipro's Smart i-Building Solution was showcased in Microsoft Technology center in Zurich - Wipro’s Smart i-Building solution showcased at the Microsoft Technology Center in Zurich - Microsoft Switzerland News Center

How it works:

Smart i-Building captures the environmental data from sensors like temperature, humidity, occupancy, light etc. It captures people footfall count from cameras and readings from water, gas & energy meter. The solution supports 50+ building automation driver/protocols for seamless integration with any building management system (BMS), controllers which ensures the reusability of existing sub systems, devices and sensors.

The solution leverages inbuilt data management module to acquire, interpret, route, process, and visualize data from the IoT devices and external systems which eventually helps in managing & monitoring different KPIs which includes light management, energy management, AQI (Air Quality Index) monitoring, water management, occupancy monitoring, device management & monitoring and asset management.

The solution leverages Microsoft Azure PaaS services which includes Azure SQL Database, Azure Backup, Notification Hubs, Azure DevOps, Azure Active Directory external identities, Azure firewall, Azure Monitor, Azure IoT Edge, Azure IoT Hub and Azure Digital Twin. The solution has comprehensive alert management & incident management, pre-integrated with service management tools like symphony AI, MS Dynamics 365, ITM Maximo, ServiceNow platform.

Solution Outcome:

Smart i-Building solution helps to manage multiple buildings and have near real-time data of assets, sensors, and sub systems to monitor productivity, efficiency and sustainability of the buildings. The solution helps in enabling near-zero unplanned downtime and requires minimal human intervention.

By implementing the Wipro’s Smart Building solution, the customer reduced facilities management costs by over 15%, through improvements in asset life cycle, space utilization, and workforce optimization and reduced overall operational costs by over 10%, and created new revenue streams to expand offers to clients.

Expected Benefits:

  • Experience – Improved Employees, visitors and customer experience
  • Operational efficiency – Near zero unplanned downtime, minimal human intervention with reduced human errors. Journey towards lights out operations
  • Operational Cost – Improved asset life cycle, reduced maintenance cost, reduction in operational manpower through automation
  • Sustainability – Real time, auditable, system driven data flow for carbon footprint, waste, water, environment. Actionable intelligence-based sustainability for continuous improvement
  • Space utilization and optimization

Target Audience of this solution:

  • Commercial Buildings such as Offices, Hotel, Hospitals, Malls, Retail Stores and Distribution centers
  • Airports
  • Educational Campus

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