Wipro Asset Maintenance using Digital Twin

pateikė Wipro Ltd

An Asset Maintenance solution leveraging Azure IOT Hub, Device Twin and Azure functions

Solution Overview:

Wipro's Digital Twin is a logical extension of Predictive Asset Maintenance (PAM) solutions. With a twin, it is possible to build a virtual version of an asset where data and predictive insights can be overlaid on the asset to provide meaningful and rich insight to the maintenance staff. This Solution is a combination of a fan and CPU. As soon as heat increases beyond a certain threshold, the fan will start automatically and vice versa.

This solution in real-time is connected to actual hardware as well as the simulated version of the assets to demonstrate the features. This solution has used Azure’s out-of-the-box services like Azure IOT Hub, Device Twin, Azure functions, etc. integrated with Custom Model designed and developed by Wipro’s Data Science Team.

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing July 2023 Launch Partner.

Key Features:

  • End to End connection and control: All hardware temperature censures are connected and controlled by the solution with 3D Visualization containing 360 Degree Rotation
  • Real-time Simulation: Simulation of temperature can be done to observe fan behavior
  • What If Condition: User can provide own value and check the behavior
  • Dashboard: Dashboard provides a complete view and report of the process

Cross-Industry Use Cases:

  • Manufacturing - Shop floor performance improvement, Self-driving car development, Design customization and Predictive Maintenance
  • Energy - Use to optimize the operations and maintenance of Physical assets, Systems and Production process
  • Retail - Customer Modeling and Simulation
  • Healthcare - Improving efficiency of hospital operations and improving personalized care
  • Supply Chain - Predicting the performance of packaging materials, optimizing warehouse design and creating a logistics network

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