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Predictive Asset Maintenance on DDP

Wipro Ltd

Accurately view asset health, predict asset downtime, prioritize and allow for timely intervention

Wipro's Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is an integrated platform, which accelerates ‘time-to-insight’ for an enterprise using pre-built industry apps that enable faster decision making, aided by advanced visualization.

Predictive Asset Maintenance is an analytics app built on top of DDP for manufacturing & utilities firms to determine asset health status at geography/site/asset level, predict asset failures and recommend actions using rule based inference engine to monitor operational parameters

Key Benefits

  • Maximize revenue by ensuring high asset availability for smooth operations with low start-up costs and increased Return on Assets by reducing unplanned downtime
  • Enhanced Customer Experience through intuitive and user-friendly dashboards
  • Analyzes root cause for asset failure and recommends corrective actions with timelines to prevent failure
  • Equips asset managers to take informed decisions to prevent downtime for assets and monitor asset health proactively for the planning of maintenance cycles