YodiCITY – SMART City Management, by Yodiwo

pateikė Yodiwo

Manage and monitor everyday city operations under a single, integrated platform

YodiCITY integrates a wide range of Smart City applications meaning that City Administrators can manage and monitor all city operations through a single, interoperable, and scalable platform. 

Given the key success criteria of a modern Smart-City management platform, YodiCITY offers:  

  • the ability for all city systems to communicate with each other  
  • the possibility for data sharing between multiple entities
  • the ability to integrate a wide range of data sources quickly and seamlessly 
  • the flexibility and agility in developing, testing, and deploying multiple city applications under one system
  • the possibility to connect all stakeholders, including citizens, partners, vendors, developers, maintenance staff etc. 
  • detection of abnormalities in operation patterns, using end-to-end industry-leading technologies
  • multidimensional reporting, customizable alerts & notifications

Main YodiCITY Applications: 

  • YodiLight: smart city lighting 
  • YodiPark: smart public parking monitoring and real-time notifications
  • YodiBin: smart waste management 
  • YodiAir: smart atmosphere monitoring 
  • YodiTraffic: smart traffic monitoring & analysis
  • YodiMeter: smart water & gas metering 

Main Advantages:

  • Faster, data-driven decisions
  • Interconnection between modules
  • Reduce data analysis costs
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Cross-platform rules creation
  • Connect citizens with local communities

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