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IdProo connects any person with any application on any device

What is IdProo?

IdProo helps your organization to manage identity and centralized access that is integrated across all systems in your organization, making it easier for users to utilize technology. ​


​Challenges and problems​

  • Siloed user directories for each application​
  • Failure-prone manual provisioning and de-provisioning process​
  • User Password Fatigue​
  • Compliance Visibility: Who Has Access to What? ​


Solution Capabilities​

  • Identity and directory consolidation and migration​
  • Streamline hybrid Active Directory (AD) management​
  • User lifecycle management (onboard - move jobs - offboard) ​
  • Self Service – Reset Password



  • Improving User Experiences​
  • Enhancing Security Profiles​
  • Increases Productivity and Reduces IT Costs
  • Better Compliance

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