Application Modernization Pilot

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Apply the insights of the Cloud and App Modernization Assessment into a well structured Pilot

We built a multi-step thought-through process to move the apps and infrastructure of a company to Microsoft Azure.

In the third and final module we take all the documentation and planning and apply it within a Pilot Project on Modernizing an Application. By this step, you should already have the infrastructure in Azure. 

The idea of a Pilot is to start small and see if it works because of various factors:

  1. Manage Risk

  2. Quicker implementation

  3. Test with engaged audience

  4. Get Real Feedback

  5. Discover variables

  6. Fail fast

  7. Refine the solution

  8. Spur new ideas

  9. Try new things

  10. Find monetary savings

  11. Validate metrics

  12. Confidence

  13. Prepare for rollout

Trying something on a smaller scale educates you about what works and what doesn’t without the same level of risk that a bigger project would, it's much easier to get permission for smaller projects and they can generate success stories that can be used for vision-casting and gaining momentum.

Within Zitec, you have access to our Areas of Excellence:
- Containerization & Kubernetes (Containerization of OSS & .NET Core workloads. Configuration, administration and app deployment on Kubernetes)
- DevOps & Automation (Infrastructure-as-code [Terraform/ARM], config management, build & test pipelines, code deployment)
- Application Modernization (Serverless and PaaS services adoption, transition from .NET to .NET Core)
- Data Engineering (Data storage systems [transactional or analytical] and ETL pipelines)

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