SecurEd: security awareness training platform

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Make your employees and yourself the best line of defence against cyber-attacks.

80% of all cyber-attacks are made possible by human error.

With the help of our quadrilingual cyber security training platform "SecurEd", you and your employees learn in a gamification-based way what the biggest cyber threats are and how to counter them optimally.

Will you accept the challenge?

We impart knowledge in the form of over 250 quiz questions on current security issues.

This includes data, web, mobile, email and password security as well as incident response. All questions are hand-curated and are regularly updated by our security teams and adapted to changing situations (e.g. working from home).

  • Draw a learning card, choose one or more answers and receive immediate feedback and an explanation for the question asked.
  • For every question answered correctly, you earn points and can move up in the rankings.

Are you ready to compete against your work colleagues?

Repeatable and instantly comprehensible learning method through appealing film sequences

We convey our learning content in the form of contemporary videos – in the spirit of social distancing. The entertaining videos are coordinated with the quiz questions, so learning is possible at any time from anywhere.

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