Accenture Bus Apps & Power Platform Consulting Svc: 8 Wk Assessment


Business Applications and Power Platform Consulting Workshop. Discover and identify business needs and a roadmap to reach the end goal.

Business applications and power platform consulting, including digital sales and service, finance and operations, and digital marketing. Pricing varies based on the scope of the engagement. We will describe the next steps you need to take to ensure that you get the most outstanding value from this incredible technology by: • providing an introduction to the Microsoft Power Platform, • introducing the transformation journey, • applying the journey to your organization, • discussing next steps to work together

Accenture's Consulting Services provides a great starting point to get you going on your Biz apps and Power Platform digital journey. We will enable you to ignite your digital transformation adventure in a flexible, scalable, and compliant manner. Let’s work together to transform the way we solve problems and inspire change within your business.