PowerApps 2Day Workshop

Advancya Technologies

Two Days of Hands-on PowerApps Overview & Training from a partner with actual Large-scale PowerApp Implementations (Government ,Oil & Gas)

Advancya brings to the table an approach of More-Experience/Less-Theory by relying on our significant experience in being one of the very few MS partners globally, who have actual hands-on experience working on complex PowerApps project for Government and Oil & Gas clients, in delivering Complex Line-Of-Business applications and not just your average "hello-world" basic apps. Our team leader will give you the Do's & Dont's of working with PowerApps, what it can do best, and most importantly, setting your expectations towards what it Can deliver in a great way, and what it's promised to deliver in the future, so you can set your ducks in a row and know how to plan for your business! Our workshop will include: 1. Introduction to PowerApps-----------------[1 hour] 2. Canvas app VS Model-Driven app.---------[1 hour] 3. Demo on ready made application.---------[2 hours] 4. Do's and Dont's in PowerApps.-------------[1 hour] 5. Building a complete App from scratch.-----[5 hours] 6. Support Ticket System using PowerApps canvas Create CDS entities that are used in the Ticket System using a data gateway that integrates with an on-premises SQL database and sync data based on set of intervals. Show offline/sync functionality. Use MS Flow to send an email when a new ticket has been created. 7. Summary------------------------------------[1 hour] Feel free to get in touch for more information, join us soon!

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