Crime Prediction: 10-Wk Proof of Concept

Analytikus, LLC

*This engagement delivers a working Proof of Concept for crime prediction.*

Our experts use Power BI and Machine Learning to predict the probability of the occurrence of a crime, in a particular place, on a particular day and time. ### Agenda **Week 1-4** * Analysis data sources * Transform data to fit the needs of our advanced analytical solution * Cleanse data and remove errors * Modify data types to support specific calculations **Week 5-7** Construction of prediction models to obtain a risk index by type of crime / hour / day / location. The following prediction techniques are used: * Neural networks * Logistic regression * Multinomial regression * Decision trees Construction of explanatory early warning models for modus operandi. Types of modus operandi; up, to the low, news. **Week 8-10** * Display of probability of occurrence by type of crime / day-time / modus operandi and location (block): Map where you can choose: * The risk of occurrence indicator by type of crime / day / hour. * The granularity level of visualization: points, blocks, quadrants, zones, etc. * A particular polygon to filter the rest of the report Context graphics where you can display the filter used on the map: * Risk factors * Historical view of crimes * Context variables ### Deliverables The following deliverables will be provided as part of this engagement: * Proof of Concept Summary and Recommendations * Dashboards in Power BI to analyze the results