TTEC Digital Solution for Patient Activation Program 4 Week POC

TTEC Digital

The pandemic prevented patients from seeking care and health systems lost millions. Avtex leverages deep health & Microsoft expertise to reengage patients & grow revenue for providers.

The Avtex Patient Activation Program combines Dynamics 365 Marketing, Power BI, Azure FHIR and Customer Insights with our patient experience prowess to support the customer experience for healthcare providers.

Enrich Patient Data

Unify data from EHR and other “core” systems, and enrich it with essential contact information and Social Determinants of Health from Avtex data sources to create a 360° customer view.

Personalize Engagement

Leverage custom data, alongside our Avtex Patient Experience (PX) expertise to deliver personalized messaging that drives increased Microsoft platform adoption.

Provide a Digital Front Door

Deploy digital outreach via multiple channels, making it easy and effortless for consumers to interact with your clients.

Improve Segmentation

Define micro-segments of patient populations with powerful AI/ML capabilities and guidance from Avtex healthcare experts.

Streamline Scheduling

Reduce call volumes and improve the consumer experience with simple scheduling options via email SMS and other channels.

Track Your Success

Merge data into detailed dashboards through PowerBI to track and monitor KPIs and success metrics, driving results.

Services Provided & Agenda*

  • Determine use cases for segmenting and personalize targeting
  • Review potential data sources for profiles and use cases
  • Configuration of Sandbox and Production environment
  • Up to 3 data sources
  • Unify data sources into Patient360 profiles
  • Flow, PowerApps or Power BI connector to Customer360 profiles
  • Analyze and model the data to identify three patient segmentations relevant to your goals

*Est. dependent on profiles and complexity of measures, entities, workflows and dashboards.