Social Media Insights: 1-Wk Implementation

Clouds On Mars

A Microsoft Power BI solution implementation to visualize and understand the presence of your brand in social media and the performance of your social marketing campaigns.

With this Power BI solution, you will be able to manage your brand and marketing campaigns on Facebook and Twitter. It will allow you to understand the success of your campaigns and compare your company to your competitors by analyzing trends, sentiment, and popular key phrases.

We will leverage modern algorithms based on Machine Learning (ML) to detect, understand and measure social metrics. The solution is saved to your Azure subscription so you can freely expand it by adding new data sources or customize the reports to fit your changing needs.

Desired Benefits & Outcomes

After this 1-week implementation, you will have an intelligent Power BI and Azure-based solution to monitor and analyze the performance of your brand in social media. The included reports will give an overview of the historical and latest activity from Facebook and Twitter, scores for comments relating to your brand according to author sentiment and key phrases and topics used by your fans.

This solution will remain operational to provide you with ongoing insight into your social media marketing.

The solution gives you the ability to:

  • Monitor daily how popular your brand is on social media.
  • Know what the sentiment for your brand and campaigns is among your clients.
  • Get immediate alerts to react and solve communication problems.


Day 1

We will analyze your needs, decide on the scope of the solution and establish access to your data.

Day 2, 3 & 4

We will install the Power BI solution template, integrate it with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, set-up alerting and customize it to meet your needs.

Day 5

We finalize reports and perform a hands-on workshop for users.

Price is estimated for the basic scope of work, the adjustments can be negotiated individually.