Customer 360: Customer Insights: 2Hr Assessment

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Understand what benefits and opportunities Customer Insights can bring for your organization. Understand your readiness and what you need to do to implement

The Customer 360 solution helps you build a deeper understanding of your customers on an individual level to serve them better as a whole by means of refining and redefining your customer target groups for your marketing and sales campaigns. Tailor customer service interactions to your customers’ needs and preferences with personalized activity recommendations built on top of your customer segments and your single, unified 360° customer view.

Understand what Customer Insights offers you and your business

The 2-hour briefing will

  1. Give you a 30-minute overview of Customer Insights, what benefits it brings to businesses and some common solutions and benefits
  2. You give us a 30-minute overview of your current IT systems, data structure, business structure
  3. In the next hour we go through how
  • Customer Insights can be implemented for your business,
  • What you would need to do for your data
  • What you would need to do for your current systems
  • What are the business processes you would need
  • How the 7-day implementation would be done
  • What would be the potential business benefits
  • How this can be maintained


This briefing is free.