Power BI Educational Training Program

Elitmind SP

Complex Power BI Educational Training Program dedicated to the entire organization, focusing on addressing the business needs of various departments.

Enable every department of your organization to effectively use Power BI!

What the organization gains thanks to full implementation Power BI?
The implementation of Power BI allows you to automate business processes that results in significant savings of time and resources - both financial and human resources What is our Educational Program?
Elitmind Academy offers you a modern solution that enables simultaneous training in the field of Power BI of all employees in the entire organization.
Our courses are tailored to the needs of individual teams and departments, which enables fast and effective implementation of Power BI in your company. Elitmind offers 5 types of courses that adequately prepare for the challenges faced by employees of various departments of a given organization.

  • Power BI for Business Users
  • Power BI for Report Creators
  • Power BI for Administrators
  • Power BI for Analysts
  • Role of the Analysts in the organization

Power BI Educational Training Program features:

  • A solid dose of knowledge
  • Training of many departments at the same time
  • Ease of adding more users
  • Onboarding process for all employees
  • Individual consultations