GG Center of Excellence establishing: 6 months

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Our Power Platform Center of Excellence project delivers Governance, Security, Operations and Monitoring services required to ensure scale, adoption and consolidation are done in a structured way

The Center of Excellence (CoE) provides vital technologies to drive innovation, improvement, and advances within the Microsoft Power Platform in any organization. Whether you're just starting to learn about Power Platform or have already deployed numerous solutions it is vital to adopt all existing experience within your organization. From imbibing a ‘develop your own’ application culture, incepting a secure arena for application creation and overlooking the process through a governance lens while continuously ensuring policy compliance. As a result of these 6 months, you will adopt Power Platform for your organization, and get clear view on how it might grow into a more mature investment with multiple functions and roles to manage multiple aspects of governance, training, support, and automated app deployment across the organization.


Month 1:
  • Power Platform IT/security assessments and trainings
  • CoE Toolkit implementation
Months 2-3:
  • Power Platform GG Extended training with Hackathon, discovering pilot scenarios
  • 1-2 MVPs (PoCs created)
Month 4:
  • Power Platform GG advanced trainings with Hackathon
  • Nurturing internal low-code champions
Month 5:
  • Building Power Platform DevOps practice
  • Enhancing existing MVP’s
Month 6:
  • Getting ready with transferring all materials knowledge and documentation
  • Consultancy support


  • 1-2 Business apps (mobile or desktop)
  • Established governance model
  • Approved Security assessments results
  • Architecture and Roadmap, budget estimation
  • Professionally trained internal team