Egyptian Data Protection Law: 2 Days Workshop


Egyptian Data Protection Law offer aims to give you a brief description of the following: Data Privacy Basics
The Egyptian Data Protection Law main highlights

The Egyptian Data protection law (law no. 151/ 2020) is the Egyptian equivalent for the well-known GDPR. The EDPL put requirements into the companies that process or store personal identifiable information to ensure the protection of these data. In the first day of this 2 days’ workshop, we will explain the law, and the requirements it puts into the companies and what are the required changes in the organization People, process, and technology are needed to ensure compliance with this law, In the 2nd day, we will map how Microsoft products can help you to achieve the EDPL requirements. Also, a road map will be established for the next steps.


*Microsoft 365 E5 security and compliance will help you achieve EDPL Requirements *Explain how Microsoft Defender can ensure the protection of the systems that hosts PII *Explain how Microsoft Information Protection, Data loss prevention, and Compliance Manager can ensure the protection of the PII *Road map to achieve EDPL.