Frontline PowerApps Solution 3 weeks Implementation of Guidance and concept


Call to action allows department administrators to compile multiple sets of quick response procedures in cases where immediate attention is required



  • the PowerApps application the authorized person (MD, Admin, or Department Manager) defines the case description and knowledgebase for the tasks


  • power automate workflow will send to Any department manager can clone the case knowledgebase and allocate his employees on the task with defining the required duration.


  • Once the critical situation took place, the assigned manager clicks Fire missions to the assigned employees. from call-to-action PowerApps
  • The missions to be sent through Teams using power automate to the subject employees.
  • The subject employee to click received and start to execute the mission.
  • using power automate to Automatic reminder on Teams to be alerted based on schedule defined by the case owner till the employee inform that his mission is accomplished.


  • case owner can view the status of each mission till he is reported automatically that the mission is accomplished.