Business Process Automation: 2-Day Workshop

Ha-Shem Limited

The Purpose of our offer is to conduct a two-day free workshop session with organizations to help discover their business challenges and then propose the right solution using PowerApps.

Havis 360 Discovery enables you to take on a digital approach to delivering an array of intelligent applications that drive simplicity, security, and efficiency within an organisation. It contains an easy-to-use and automated system to enable employees and managers to carry out otherwise time-consuming tasks in simple ways.

It addresses the challenges faced by organizations who carry out their business processes manually by transforming how they work. Havis puts forward a digital approach that ensures simplicity, efficiency, compliance and security.

Agenda: Day 1 *Assessment of Customer’s internal business processes. Day 2 * Demonstration of our Havis360 Suites of products.

The following deliverables will be achieved during the 2-Day Workshop

  1. Assessment of customers current status and methods of carrying out business processes.
  2. An in-depth introduction to Havis360 suite of business applications and how it helps to transform businesses operations.
  3. Demonstrations of the features and capabilities of Havis360, focusing on customer’s use case scenarios to drive home the relevance of automation and security within their organization.
  4. Fully interactive session to identify and address customer’s specific business needs with regards to process automations.

**The outcome of the workshop would be customers:

  1. Discovery of most tedious manual processes and pain points
  2. Generation of business requirements and strategies for documentation and customizations where necessary.
  3. Setting up POCs and trails of the solutions

Havis 360 Discovery includes these solutions: A visitor Management solution (V-LOGIN), Is a visitor management solution that puts you in charge of the 'Who, Why and When' visitors allowed into your organization. It eradicates the traditional paper and pen method by automating these processes with seamless digital approach. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure which provides 24/7 availability. Technology and Database: Microsoft Azure, .net and .netcore, Angular

A Staff Time and Attendance solution (STAAS), is one of the suites of our Havis 360 business applications that digitizes the process of tracking when employees start and end their work hours. It also comes with an option of signing off for leave of absence from work and provides the flexibility to clock in and out in multiple ways, such as via laptop and mobile phone. It is also efficient for businesses with both remote and non-remote workers as it quickly enables them to access and generate detailed reports that can be used for auditing and reference record purposes.
Technology and Database: Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint

An employee welfare management application (HAVIS iCare), Havis iCare is a modern workplace application that engages employees with helpful tips at intervals to improve their well-being while working, provides work support, and overall promotes optimal performance in the workplace.
Technology and Database: Power Apps, Power Automate, Flow, SharePoint, Power BI

A receipt management solution (REMA), Havis Receipt Management App (Havis REMA) is a receipt management solution that is used to receive, keep record of, and track all receipts from purchases and sales within an organisation. It comes with distinctive features that helps in generating reports or history of receipts received per employee or per departments in an organisation. Its' compatibility also makes it easy to use anywhere and anytime as it is accessible on both desktop and mobile.
Technology and Database: Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint

An intelligent employee tasks/productivity tracker/solution (iReport), Havis Intelligent Report (Havis iReport) is an intelligent employee tasks/productivity tracker/solution that monitors the daily/weekly/monthly tasks done by employees in an organisation.
Technology and Database: Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint

Havis Vacay is an employee leave and absence management solution that eradicates the traditional paper and pen request method for leave applications. It helps organizations plan, manage, and track employee absences, including vacation, sick leave, and their entitlements. This solution also manages the requests and approval processes. In just a few clicks, a leave request can be made and approved. Employees can also check their leave entitlements, remaining balance and make a request from anywhere and, on any device. Managers can approve requests with just one click.
Technology and Database: Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint

Employee recruitment, job requisition, onboarding & offboarding solution. (iR3cruit365) Havis iR3cruit365 solution brings about a seamless process for HR, starting from raising a job requisition to an employee offboarding. It covers the totality of the HR processes an employee goes through in an organization.
Technology and Database: Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint and Data-Verse