Power Virtual Agent In A Day

Ha-Shem Limited

Power Virtual Agents in a Day is an entry-level course created for everyone to learn how to use conversational chatbots that can have intelligent conversations with your consumers and staff at scale

Learn how to use intelligent conversational chatbots at scale to answer quickly to your customers and staff. Using Power Virtual Agents, anyone—a business expert or IT developer—can quickly learn how to create intelligent chatbots in just one day.

This training provides practical hands-on experience with an experienced partner who specializes in creating Power Virtual Agents solutions in a full-day instructor-led chatbot creation workshop.

In this workshop, you'll better understand how to:

Create your chatbots quickly. Quickly take action with seamless integrations. Create intelligent bots with detailed, customized discussions.

Outcome and Service Deliverables: Creating power virtual agents and bots, and lab guide:


Course 1: Introduction to Power Virtual Agents (45 min) Course 2: Hands-on Lab 1- Build your Bots (1 hour 15 min)
Course 3: Hands-on Lab 2- Create intelligent bots with customized actions (1 hour 15 min) Course 4: Hands-on Lab 3- Add interactive features & Parameters (1 hour 15 min) Course 5: Ideation- Publish, consume, deliver (1 hour)