HCL Biz Apps - Catalyst Envisioning Success: 1-Hour Briefing

HCL Technologies Limited.

We will ideate together using design-led thinking concepts, jointly defining your unique path to digital transformation and determining benchmarks for desired organizational outcomes.

While organizations around the globe have unique challenges, we’ve all recently shared one common experience – a disruption in how we conduct business due to the worldwide pandemic. The ways we share information and continue to stay relevant and competitive have become the focal point in our daily business mode of operation. We have all had to adapt, pivot, and – for many – create a new path for success. The importance of not only surviving a digital disruption but thriving and remaining competitive in these times of unknown adversity has never been clearer, and it all starts with a conversation.

HCL is poised to facilitate this critical digital strategy conversation with customers worldwide and encourage their path forward through the Catalyst Envisioning Success Workshop. As a global, award-winning partner of Microsoft, and a leader in Customer Service, we have the expertise to form strategic alliances with customers through the framework of this integral first step of the Microsoft Catalyst Program.

Our goal is to help organizations define the vision for success, identify the pain points and desires that can be solved with technology, and help further their journey to digital transformation. We will guide customers through this crucial business path to help them take advantage of the opportunities that currently exist and provide a clear journey for realignment. Our purpose is to inspire them to be proactive instead of reactive to possible future disruptions while embracing a clear direction forward to innovation and success.

The Workshop includes a review of the business objectives, a discovery and visualization discussion, and final output of quantifiable and actionable business goals.

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