OCM Consulting for Fabric Implementation

iLink Systems, Inc.

iLink Systems offers advanced support for your Fabric Implementation and deployment

Guidance will include:

Assessment of current state and definition of deployment objectives • This step will identify potential pain points and user needs as well as define objectives for Fabric implementation

Stakeholder Engagement, Guidance, Communication • Organize stakeholder group who will lead implementation and establish a communication plan

Change Management Strategy • Establish deliverables, employee engagement, pilot group, etc • Define organization process-level changes • Plan training and onboarding timelines and deliverables

Deployment • Instructional content created and released • Center of Excellence deployed • Review adoption rates and review change management strategy to address different engagement levels among employees

Our solution includes your technical implementation of Fabric and empowers your end users to address concerns, pain points, and creates a process that will encourage org-wide adoption and maximation of Fabric benefits.