Dynamics 365 Word Template Design: 4-Hr Workshop ( PTM EDV Systeme )

Our solution will help you design and create Word templates for Dynamics 365.

A 4-hour remote Workshop to review and discuss your document requirements in Dynamics 365.


1 hour:

Remote review of document requirements and discussion of best practices on template design and configuration using DocumentsCorePack for Dynamics 365.

3 hours:

Joint template design where we will help in creating and testing your initial templates and deploying them.


The Workshop will be carried out remotely using common screen-sharing technologies.

Citi konsultāciju pakalpojumi no ( PTM EDV Systeme )
Dynamics 365 Phone Setup: 2-Hr Proof of ( PTM EDV Systeme )
Dynamics 365 Telephone Integration: 2 hour compatibility check and Installation / Configuration assistance.
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