Microsoft 365 Copilot: readiness workshop


4-week Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Workshop: Optimize Microsoft 365 with expert-led sessions on Governance and Copilot.

The Microsoft 365 Copilot Readiness Workshop is a transformative four-week program designed to prepare organizations for the successful implementation and adoption of Microsoft 365 Copilot. Through a blend of interactive workshops, hands-on exercises, and expert guidance, participants will gain comprehensive understanding of the governance principles and strategies required to harness the full potential of Copilot.

Week 1: Introduction to Microsoft 365 Copilot

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Copilot and its capabilities
  • Understanding the benefits of Copilot for enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • The importance of governance in ensuring Copilot's successful integration and adoption
  • Evaluating existing governance practices in Microsoft 365 environments
  • Identifying governance areas for improvement to ensure Copilot's optimal functioning

Week 2: Copilot Integration and governance Framework

  • Configuring Copilot's integration with Microsoft 365 applications
  • Establishing a governance framework for Copilot deployment and usage
  • Identifying potential governance risks associated with Copilot
  • Developing strategies to mitigate risks and ensure responsible Copilot usage

Week 3: Copilot Use Cases and Scenarios

  • Using Copilot to enhance writing, editing, and research tasks
  • Automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency
  • Facilitating teamwork and knowledge sharing through Copilot
  • Enhancing brainstorming sessions and decision-making processes

Week 4: Copilot Adoption and Optimization

  • Empowering employees with Copilot training
  • Continuously evaluating and refining Copilot usage
  • Identifying opportunities to further enhance productivity and efficiency

Key Outcomes:

  • Participants gain enhanced understanding of Copilot governance principles and strategies
  • Established governance framework for Copilot implementation and usage
  • Seamless Copilot integration with Microsoft 365