Dynamics QuickStart: 2 Week Develop Train & Deploy Workshop from Pragmatic Works

Pragmatic Works Training, Inc

The Dynamics QuickStart from Pragmatic Works will enable rapid deployment of Dynamics into customer environment while training developers, administrators and users.

The Dynamics QuickStart from Pragmatic Works focuses on enabling your company to rapidly deploy Dynamics into your environment and educating your team on gathering requirements, developing & administering the solution and deploying their own MVP. The QuickStart is 80 hours of work from our team, including training and collaborative development. All resources are U.S. based and full-time Pragmatic Works employees. The engagement spans 2 weeks and delivers an MVP Dynamics365 solution based on your requirement, deployed to QA with documented instructions on moving from QA to Production. In as little as 2 weeks time, your organization will have the following deliverables:

• MVP for Targeted Dynamics 365 Sales Unit – Minimal Viable Product deployed to QA / Test • Requirements Documentation & Post QuickStart Project Plan • Training: End-Users for Dynamics • Training: Admin Staff on Power Platform Best Practices • Training: Developers on how to build Dynamics/Power Platform solutions • MVP Solution Deployed to QA with Instructions for Production Deployment • Gap Analysis of any additional requirements to get to production. • Deployment pipelines to simplify deployments from Dev to QA and QA to Prod

High-Level Schedule Week 1 • Monday: Business / Stakeholder Day o Gather Requirements for Dynamics o Document the requirements. • Tuesday: Skilling & Enablement o Administration Workshop ▪ Install & Configure o Developer Hackathon ▪ Designing a Dataverse Solution ▪ Building a model-driven app ▪ Securing & sharing the app • Wednesday: Collaborative Development • Thursday: Collaborative Development o Additional Requirements • Friday: Collaborative Development o Checkpoint Solution Review Week 2 • Monday: Collaborative Development o Data migration or data integration with existing platforms. • Tuesday: Collaborative Development o Deploy to QA • Wednesday: Collaborative Development o Checkpoint Demonstration • Thursday: Collaborative Development o Deploy to QA • Friday o Build Stakeholder presentation. o MVP Demo & Final User Training o Present to stakeholders the gap analysis and requirements that are needed to go from QA to production.