Predica Yammer Analytics: 2-Wk Proof of Concept


Unleash the power of your Enterprise Social Network by Predica’s Microsoft Power BI Yammer Integration.

An Enterprise Social Network like Yammer is an outstanding way to foster informal employee communication. Have you ever wondered who the most influential person in your organization is? Who might be an agent of change or whom do others consult in a given area of expertise? These questions can be answered based on analysis of user interactions on social platforms. But, how do we analyze the usage of a communication tool like Yammer, that doesn’t have a built-in analytics module? Predica offers Yammer analytics solutions that consist of Power BI dashboards that visualize the data gathered from the communication platform. Some of the metrics include the most influential employees on the channel, usage patterns, areas of adoption to improve, etc. The information can also be made available to end-users, such as communication or HR departments. It is packaged as an insightful set of dashboards that can be extended in a simple and intuitive way.


  • Support the adoption of enterprise social (Yammer) and foster employee communication and knowledge sharing.
  • Promote a data-driven approach in every area of the organization’s activity. In this case, the internal communication sphere.
  • Offer clear insights to communication stakeholders on the usage of the platform and the state of its adoption.
  • Identify influential employees who can act as ‘Yammer ambassadors’ and further promote the use of the tool.


  • Four-hour consultation with the customer to gather requirements
  • Design of dashboards mockups
  • Report development

Pricing factors which might change the estimated pricing:

  • The number of report pages delivered in Power BI will not exceed five pages
  • Number of data sources – up to two (SQL Server and Excel)
  • Travel and requirement for onsite work