Assessment for Modernization of on-premises AX or CRM

Sonata Software Ltd.

In 3 weeks, determine the business transformation needs, modernization on cloud and migration plan via the Sonata modernization Assessment, ensuring success for your D365 and cloud journey.

Modernization Assessment is the first step to articulating the value of cloud migration, how-to modernize on Dynamics 365 and its Business Applications and provides data to navigate and make decisions on the modernization initiatives. Deep dive with our expert functional consultants and enterprise architects to tailor a modern functional solution on D365 and a path to get there The assessment helps breakdown business processes to standard, reduces customizations, recommends new functionality and addresses business pain areas. Leverage proprietary and purpose built tools automate the code analysis on any version of AX or CRM to estimate the migration complexity and re-use options. With added options for articulating Business Value of adopting Dynamics 365, you can create modern platform on Dynamics 365 with entire stack and design a Migration path for yourself.


• Modernizing the Platformation way • This includes enumerating business priorities by creating, revisiting and understanding your digital agenda and finally co-creating a D365 realization map. • The process involves recommending and presenting your future digital business process and creating a marchitecture, by understanding your current processes through an in-depth functional and technical analysis. • Create a truly digital platform with business processes led assessment and tools for automation. A Path to migration with least effort and cost, reusing existing customizations and Data to see value immediately. • Decide on technology strategy, standardize & simplify IT landscape and define the cost of ownership.


• Value-added functional and technical assessment reports, which recommend a risk-free upgrade path for your business to Dynamics 365 • Insights into new technology adoption recommendations • Insights into new architecture and deployment options • Upgrade estimates for further considerations

Why Choose Sonata?

• Walk away with a clear budgeted number for your ERP migration in 3 weeks. • Our proprietary tool can assess migration to an error limit of 10-15% • We support any version of AX and CRM and give options that wouldn’t need you to entirely scrap your present system, which will help you go-live faster. • Purpose-built tools & assets to automate and deliver one step migrations, 30-60% Savings • 130+ Migration assessments (AX, CRM, GP/NAV) • Dynamics Migration Partner since 2019 • 100+ upgrades across all geos