CoE Accelerator -- 6 month Implementation

Sparkhound LLC

Deploy a robust Center of Excellence to manage and govern your Power Platform Adoption

As a leader in Power Platform service deployment, the secret to all our successes is helping customers adopt a Center of Excellence (CoE). The idea behind the CoE is to provide the foundation before building the rest of your house – its purpose is to be an evolving process that drives innovation and improvement for your organization through its Power Platform adoption journey.

Low Code/No Code development isn’t confined just to IT, and Sparkhound’s proven experience brings like-minded people throughout your organization to share successes while we establish a framework for standards, governance, and consistent deployment. Our accelerator is offered in two different ways: consulting and helping you stand up the CoE, and also adding the Microsoft CoE toolkit which acts as a managed Power Platform. Sparkhound will partner with you in building a CoE that will be a fixture of your companies' digital transformation.

Our Accelerator covers the following topics and deliverables:

-Intro to Center of Excellence -Install of CoE/Managed Environments -Governance -Leadership/Steering -Administration -Standards -User Groups -Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Pricing is based upon scope of work, with a few options to go deeper on governance and security standards.