Cloud Security Assessment - 3 Day Workshop

Synergy Technical, LLC

The Microsoft 365 Security Assessment Workshop is designed to provide organizations with guidance on successfully implementing Microsoft 365 security features.

If your organization wants to improve its agility by moving to Microsoft 365 -but is uncertain about security - Synergy Technical has an engagement that can help. The Microsoft 365 Security Assessment Workshop is designed to provide organizations with guidance on successfully implementing Office 365 security features and navigating compatible security solutions. During this engagement, we will focus on your security objectives and requirements, cloud usage and adoption, regulations, and frameworks as well as the identification of any dependencies.

A consultant certified in multiple cloud solutions will meet with you remotely for an interactive white-boarding session to review:


  • Key business goals related to Office 365 deployment

  • Current environment and cloud technologies deployed

  • Security Products currently deployed


  • Security concerns and requirements

  • Identity and Access Management requirements

  • Information Protection requirements

Day 3:

  • The deliverable is an actionable road-map providing guidance, recommendations, and best practices on how to successfully implement Office 365 while meeting your organization's security requirements.

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