Extension Maintenance: 10-Day Assessment

UAB 1ClickFactory

1ClickFactory Extension Maintenance to ensure Per Tenant Extensions and AppSource apps compatibility with all upcoming versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

After transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS, Microsoft Dynamics partners need to continuously adapt AppSource apps or Per Tenant Extensions to mandatory monthly Business Central updates. Each upcoming Business Central version brings a risk of breaking a customer’s solution.

To reduce the risk of Extension maintenance tasks taking over and obstructing the other tasks, 1ClickFactory offers an Extension Maintenance service for a fixed monthly fee. Price is estimated based on customization level and delivery frequency.

Extension Maintenance delivery process

With each agreed Business Central release, 1ClickFactory takes the source code with the latest Dynamics partner feature updates of the maintained solution and runs the compilation, deployment, and automated tests against the new release of Business Central. After reporting and patching, 1ClickFactory delivers the updated solution back to the Dynamics partner to take care of its deployment to production.

In addition, 1ClickFactory can also help partners to ensure that the apps comply with AppSource requirements. 1ClickFactory will also take care of the AppSource checklist validation and submit the apps to Microsoft AppSource on behalf of the Dynamics partner.


Reported list of Breaking Changes that comprises: compilation error and obsolete state warnings, technical conflicts, issues requiring a functional redesign.

Patch for Breaking Changes that comprises: fixed compilation error and obsolete state warnings, and technical conflicts, commented out issues requiring functional redesign, if necessary, adjusted automated tests to meet the logic of target version, if necessary, adjusted data upgrade code.

The outcome of the Extension Maintenance service is to ensure an always up-to-date solution running the latest version of Business Central.