Dynaway EAM Manufacturing

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Connect EAM with Manufacturing to improve communication between Maintenance and Production

Production and maintenance more often than not have a tense relationship. It can cause a lot of problems as one department is tightly dependent on another and vice versa. If there are problems with internal cooperation and communication, it can lead to reduced business profit and unplanned production downtime. 

Connect Dynaway EAM with Manufacturing

Dynaway Manufacturing allows you to connect Dynaway EAM and Manufacturing module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to improve the relationship and communication between Maintenance and Production. 

Connect assets with Manufacturing Module

Dynaway Manufacturing allows you to connect assets inside Dynaway EAM with work and machine centers. By having this connection, you can register counter and measurement readings and create maintenance requests directly from the Manufacturing module.  

Create Maintenance Requests

Create maintenance requests directly from Work Center, Machine Center, Production Order Routing or Production Journal. 

Automatically Register Counter Readings

Connect counters with machine or work center to automatically register counter readings based on production quantity or time spent on the production order. 

Improve communication between production and maintenance teams

Create asset downtime to reserve the time on the work or machine center. This can improve communication between departments as the production planner can see that the time is reserved for maintenance and improve manufacturing plans accordingly.


  • Built-into and connected with standard Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality
  • Connect Assets with Work Center and Machine center.
  • Register Counters, Measurements and Requests from Manufacturing module.
  • Inform the production planner that it is required to do the maintenance and production should not be planned.
  • Automatically register counter readings based on production order consumption.

Prerequisite: Before you download this app, you have installed and set up Dynaway EAM from AppSource and have an Enterprise License: See Pricing. Manufacturing module within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Business Central is required to use the app. 

Supported Editions 
This app supports only the Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

Supported countries
All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available. 

Supported Languages 
English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Spanish, French