ConstructPRO for Dynamics 365 Finance

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Optimize your project centric business with ConstructPRO for Dynamics 365 Finance

Are you in the Construction Industry and seeking a one-stop solution that seamlessly integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance ?

Brightpoint Infotech introduces a tailor-made solution specifically designed for contractors and sub-contractors in the Construction industry. Our solution offers a real-time, full-spectrum view of a construction project's performance, providing insights into costing, work breakdown structures and phases, equipment, and material consumption.

Understanding the unique needs of Construction industry customers leveraging Dynamics 365 for Finance, Brightpoint Infotech presents ConstructPro. This comprehensive solution is adept at tracking contract orders, individual task execution status, invoice schedules, quality inspections, project equipment, prepayments, vendor retention, sales tax, and generates The American Institute of Architects (AIA) 702 & 703 Reports.

ConstructPro serves as a one-stop solution for the construction industry, facilitating the tracking of project tasks assigned to individual contractors and monitoring project task completion percentages in real-time.

In scenarios where construction companies subcontract projects or delegate partial work to prime subcontractors, ConstructPro enables the assignment and delegation of tasks from the Work Breakdown Structure to prime contractors. This ensures the seamless tracking of WBS activities, task execution, deliverables, quality inspections, and milestone completions by subcontractors.

Key Features:

  1. Property Developer, Prime Contractor & General Contractor Management
  2. Sub-contractor/GC Purchase Order
  3. Equipment/Material Management
  4. Work Execution Master
  5. Work Submissions / Work Completion Tracking – Full or Partial
  6. Automation with Workflows
  7. Quality Inspections
  8. Project Deliverables
  9. Sub-Contractor Invoice Management
  10. Reporting / Analysis


  1. Flexible Configurations
  2. Full Lifecycle of Contract Management
  3. Inbuilt Dashboards
  4. Integration Capability
  5. Enterprise-Grade Security
  6. Ease of Management
  7. Diagnostics
  8. AI-Driven Analytics & Reporting Capabilities
  9. AIA 702 & 703 Report Generation

ConstructPro by Brightpoint Infotech provides an integrated, efficient, and secure solution for managing construction projects from inception to completion.