Per Diem for Dynamics 365 Finance

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Per Diem is a solution designed to streamline the reconciliation and efficiently allocate expenses

Having Trouble Reconciling Per-Diems?

One of the most critical tasks for any Accounts Payables Manager is reconciling Per Diems and allocating expenses to the correct posting accounts. A notable challenge with many ERPs is the lack of flexibility when distributing meal expenses. For instance, in cases where morning or evening meals are not supposed to be catered for in the per diem on the first or last day of an out-of-town visit, most ERPs lack the flexibility to allocate the correct meals and disregard the rest.

Brightpoint has developed a solution that ensures users correctly select the required meal and post it on the correct date. This guarantees that the Per Diem is accurately accounted for, and budget rules are properly followed.

Benefits of Single Click Pay Slip:

  1. User-Friendly Solution: The solution provided by Brightpoint is extremely easy to use, simplifying the process for users.

  2. Error Reduction: The automated calculations reduce the chances of errors, ensuring accurate accounting for Per Diems.

  3. Time-Efficient Reconciliations: The solution significantly reduces the efforts required for conducting reconciliations, saving considerable time.

  4. Cost-Effective Visibility: Better visibility when monitoring costs and budget allocations makes the solution cost-effective, allowing for efficient budget management.

Brightpoint's solution addresses the challenges associated with Per Diem reconciliation, providing a streamlined and efficient way to ensure accurate accounting and adherence to budget rules.