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DS365 Payroll for F&O

DS365 Payroll App is a multi-country payroll solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations that empowers organizations to streamline all payroll procedures and improve payment accuracy. From time entry through check issuance and direct deposit, DS365 Payroll controls every step of the payroll process for your business. Any payroll-related task that comes to mind may be carried out with this app, including managing loans, commissions, and incentives for employees.

Features of DS365 Payroll F&O App

  • Payroll processing for full-time and part-time employees with a single click. Calculate salary, deductions, commissions, gratuity etc.
  • Allowances and deductions include default, leaves, termination, EOS, bonuses, traveling allowance, commission, and ad hoc allowances and deduction computations.
  • Payroll attendance is used to calculate pay based on attendance and hours worked.
  • Management of loans includes keeping track of them and automatically generating a payout arrangement.
  • For both exempt and non-exempt staff, overtime is automatically calculated. The pay scale can be split, there are possibilities to backdate transactions for overtime.
  • There are promotions and salary increments can be handled by using this App.
  • Payroll setup for multi countries with different currencies is referred to as a multi-country payroll configuration. A currency converter, payroll schedule, time mapping, and other features are included. It eliminates the requirement for in-country payroll management. Backdated payment is also included.
  • Functionality for importing and exporting data includes Import and export limitations that apply only to particular organizations.
  • Benefits Of DS365 Payroll App:

    • Accurately monitors total hours worked, prevalent pay bonuses, and employee fringe benefits.
    • Enables staff to view their paycheck records easily
    • Removes mistakes from the manual data entry process or data collecting from paper and numerous spreadsheets.
    • Expedites prevailing wage configurations, computations, and reporting.
    • Streamlines wage computations for many forms of Payroll at the same time
    • Pricing

      We offer an installation fee that can be variable or one-time, depending on the client's preferences. For additional information, visit our Dynamics Stream Website.

      Supported Editions

      This app supports application release 10.0.20 or above.

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