GDPR Management for Dynamics 365 - proGDPR

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proGDPR supports Organizations to achieve GDPR Compliancy – natively in Dynamics 365!

The General Data Protection Regulation is the toughest privacy and security law in the world. proGDPR offers organizations the full range of services from obtaining and managing consent, managing data subject rights to creating the records of processing activities.

Like all CRMFIRST proSUITE solutions, proGDPR is directly integrated into your Dynamics 365 system. This enables all personal data to be consolidated transparently in one system and processes to be initiated according to the requests of the data subjects. A list of the service components can be found here:  

    • Management of omnichannel requests and subrequests
    • Management of consents for storage of personal data
    • Management of retention reasons and periods
    • Management of storage locations of personal data
    • Management of data subject requests
    • Management of right to erasure
    • Management of publication rights
    • Management of data processing agreements
    • Management of escalation processes
    • Technical and organizational measures


Why customers use proGDPR for Microsoft Dynamics 365

    • 360° view on contact information including GDPR status in one system
    • Transparency of requests of data subjects
    • Automated processes to support GDPR SLAs
    • Optimized for Microsoft Dynamics 365
    • Process support through the use of Bot Services
    • Management of processing activities
    • Role-based dashboards 


Do you want to learn more?

Then check out our demo version for the next 8 hours! What's special about it: You can not only view the solution but also enter information or create data records yourself!

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