XRM® Banking®

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Helps to optimize the process of issuing and maintaining loans, as well as selling all loan products

XRM® Banking® is a comprehensive branch solution for the banking industry built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

XRM® Banking® help with optimizing the processes of issuing and maintaining loans, as well as selling all loan products:

  • Retail business: unsecured loans, card limits, car loans, mortgages, overdrafts, credit lines, etc.
  • SMEs and Corporate business: term loans, credit lines, overdrafts, investment loans, syndicated loans, project finance, bond loans, export operations, interbank lending, leasing, creation of new financing and project management tools.

As a result of implementation, it is ensured

  • Reduce customer service time and improve service quality;
  • Reduction of time for training of employees;
  • Increase the efficiency of sales of products;
  • Proactive management of offers to customers and control of staff training in the front office.

Main features of the module:

  • Built-in tools for creating and approving new loan products
  • Maintain the requested and approved parameters of loan products;
  • Automation of selection and fixing of tariffs;
  • Collateral for the loan application (bail, insurance, guarantees);

The solution was implemented in the leading bank of Kazakhstan ForteBank (19 branches, about 100 branches, more than 9000 POS-terminals, 800 ATMs). The implementation period of 6 months, during which no participation of vendors and integrators of interconnected products was required and the project was executed exclusively by E-Consulting and ForteBank.

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