Unity For Dynamics

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Connect Dynamics 365 users with other corporate repositories, workflows, content, and applications

Unity for Dynamics empowers users to seamlessly search, access, and manage data across multiple systems, whether on-premises or cloud. The solution integrates out of the box, allowing you to access and store documents and data directly from your enterprise applications. Save on storage costs, enforce document security and lifecycles, and interact with in-house business systems directly from Microsoft Dynamics. 

With Unity for Dynamics, you will get: 
• A seamless, rich, and contextual view of your enterprise data from within Microsoft Dynamics 
• Enhanced Dynamics user engagement and productivity 
• Informed business decisions based on complete data from all of your systems 
• The ability to store your content and data where you want it, reducing costs and minimizing risk Unity for Dynamics implements quickly, reduces costs, and improves data security. 
• Simple to use – Truly seamless to the Dynamics interface 
• Quick to deploy – Simply design an interface and make it available 
• Secure – Role based security combined with your in-house authentication ensures appropriate access to content and systems

We support connectors for IBM FileNet, CM8, CMOD, Alfresco, SharePoint, CMIS repositories, and more.