Recruitment Hub

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Automate To Simplify Recruitment Processes with KAISPE HR Recruitment Hub Solution

Recruitment Hub is a model-driven app that is exclusively developed to aid you in gaining productivity by automating the end-to-end hiring process from receiving applicant profiles to shortlisting, organizing interviews, and finalizing applicant selection. It utilizes ChatGPT to instantly generate professionally summarized resumes, saving time and increasing the chances of finding the perfect candidate.

This easy-to-use app significantly reduces the HR department's repetitive manual effort in human resource recruitment. It assists them in concentrating on other important HR functions, such as worker engagements, training, etc. Maximize your hiring reach and attracts top-tier talent with HR Recruitment Hub software that integrates seamlessly with social media platforms. Further, allowing job postings to be automatically shared across various channels for increased visibility and engagement.

Below Are A Few Noteworthy Features of Our Solution:
  • Configure staffing projects, job openings, skills, departments, interviewers, interview rounds, and other related information using a robust and intuitive app.
  • With OpenAI functionality, job descriptions are produced automatically when the recruiter adds the job title, allowing candidates to see the proper job descriptions.
  • Hyper automation from sending email notifications to the applicant to shortlisting, sharing interview times and dates, booking calendars, scheduling the next interview rounds, and much more.
  • Take advantage of AI builder to scan applicant information for shortlisting reports and dashboards.
  • Automation gets activated by either getting an email from the applicant or a job vacancy form filled.
  • Expand the candidate pool and tap into new markets with our HR system's Arabic language support, enabling HR professionals to connect with top talent from the MENA region effortlessly.
  • It tracks shortlisted candidate skills with weightage, providing a clear understanding of each candidate's proficiency level.
  • It allows filtering candidates based on their skill points, ensuring the identification of the perfect fit for the team every time.