Qorus for Dynamics 365

Qorus Software Inc.

Qorus enables your sales force to build a customized & engaging proposals in minutes versus hours.

Some of the primary challenges that Sales, Proposal, Bid, and RFP teams face include:
·        Responding faster to proposals / RFPs and increasing speed to market
·        Finding the right content to personalize proposals for prospects
·        Improving proposal / RFP quality /  Automating a previously manual document process
·        Increasing the proposal / RFP win rate / Sales growth

Qorus users have reported creating pitches and proposals five times faster than before.1 Looking at the results of our most recent Qorus Customer Insights Research, we see that:
·        100% of Qorus customer respondents reported that Qorus is effective at increasing speed to market with sales / marketing efforts, and enabling sales growth
·        95% indicated that it is effective at increasing their proposal / RFP win rate
·        93% agreed that it effectively improves their proposal / RFP quality
·        91% said that Qorus effectively enables them to respond faster to proposals / RFPs
·        90% reported that it is effective at automating a previously manual document process 

Sales enablement made easy

Bring your best minds and content together to create proposals that win. It is essential that your sales team has every tool available to respond to each new sales opportunity and win more business. With Qorus, you’ll deliver customized proposals in minutes instead of hours, using pre-approved, and branded content. Gain valuable insights to create smart follow up.

  • LOCATE the best content for proposals
  • CREATE proposals with pre-approved, well thought out content 
  • COLLABORATE with Subject Matter Experts to ensure accuracy
  • BUILD a single source of truth for your content
  • TRACK the effectiveness of your proposals to create smarter follow

Built on Microsoft Azure, you’ll create secure, professional, and engaging proposals up to five times faster, all from within your familiar Microsoft Office environment and CRM systems.

Footer: 1. MDC Research, April 2020