izdevējs Sales Element LLC

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A powerful proposal and quoting system with very strong integration into Dynamics CRM.

seProposals is a fully web-based proposal and quoting solution designed for complex quoting and visually stunning proposals. Used by B2B companies across the globe, it allows sales people to create brand-consistent and corporate approved quotes and proposals. Designed to improve sales for product and service companies, it works for industries that have complex quoting needs. When large deals or situations arise that require unique solutions it allows for approval to deviate from the norm with proper approvals and oversight. The data is stored in Dynamics CRM in real time, improving pipeline visibility, inventory pressure, and reporting to management. All this is done with less data entry so sales reps don't spend their time constantly updating Opportunity records. And it integrates with several signature capture and third-party systems to get the data from sales to operations without any manual re-keying of information. 

The quoting process is customized to your business needs, so you don't have to retrain your team or change your sales processes. Quickly and efficiently get great looking quotes and proposals to your prospects.