Saketa Idea Board


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Your innovation management platform

Saketa is the award winner for the "Overall Best Office App" Award at the MS Ignite 2018 and "The Best User Interface" Award winner in MS Ignite 2016 and finalists in the People's choice category in MS Ignite 2016 and European SharePoint Conference 2017. We are specialists at bringing several business and IT functions to your SharePoint environment as plug and play SharePoint add-ins. We take pride in building intuitive products that are easy to use and highly configurable, to scale to user's specific needs. All our products are SharePoint Online and On-premises SharePoint 2013 / SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint 2019 compatible.

Saketa Idea board is a smart and innovative platform to share ideas with everyone in an organization and collaborate to evolve. Developed as a SharePoint 2013 add-in, this innovation or idea management tool is compatible with both SharePoint Online and 2013/2016/2019 On-premise versions and is a plug and play, self-manageable SharePoint add-in. Just install, activate and its ready to use

Saketa Idea Board will help with encouraging and recognizing/appreciating/rewarding the innovations and ideas from within a team and improve the bonding and trust among the members. Social features such as likes, comments and share will enable quality feedback and critics on ideas shared and bring a higher visibility and evolve the ideas into better inputs for the organization.

The easy search and preset filtered views, the configurable idea boxes to categorize your ideas, tagging of ideas for easy retrieval and the idea-box thought leaders promoting the ideas to reach its glory (Golden Star) are all the features that make this a comprehensive idea management platform of choice on SharePoint.

Saketa Idea Board Features:

  • Intuitive and Rich User experience.
  • Like, Dislike, Comment and Share capabilities.
  • Tagging ideas for better relevance in search.
  • Attachments feature for comments to ideas
  • Configurable Idea Boxes to categorize your ideas.
  • Predefined indexed, filtered views.
  • Ability to track ideas using personal filtered views.
  • Workflow driven notifications and recognition emails.
  • Reporting friendly.
  • One-stop admin dashboard to configure and manage the add-in.
  • Security trimmed architecture to safe guard the organization interests.

Enjoy a 15 day free trial of this add-in to explore its capabilities and how it can make a difference for your organization. Reach us a Sales @ for a demo, purchase or any additional queries.

Visit our website for a complete portfolio of our products and offerings.

Version History: - Added a link to downloadable user guide for easy reference. - Minor bug fixes and exception handling for special cases. - Enhancements and Bug fixes

  • Rich text functionality for Idea description and Outcome to emphasize and better present your thoughts.
  • Attachments feature for comments to an idea
  • Dislike an idea feature
  • Lack of permissions to create user groups and other exceptions handled better

v1.0.2.0 - Fix for Access denied (403) exception in O365. A result of Microsoft security changes for making REST calls on user profiles.

v1.0.2.1 - Bug fixes and multiple-browser compatibility fixes.

v1.0.3.0 - Performance Tuning and browser compatibility fixes.

v1.0.4.0 - Fix for “Not Found” Notification bug.

v1.0.5.0 - Clear Option for Search /Comments; Browser compatibility fixes and Security enhancements

v1.0.7.1 - Added "Ideas" tab in Admin Dashboard so that Admin can view all submitted Ideas.