Saketa Kanban Board


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Manage Tasks on a Kanban Board in SharePoint

Saketa is the award winner for the "Overall Best Office App" Award at the MS Ignite 2018 and "The Best User Interface" Award in MS Ignite 2016. Saketa was nominated in the People's choice category as well in Ignite 2016 and European SharePoint Conference 2017. Saketa proudly presents the Award winning App for 2016 from Microsoft, the most versatile add-in for SharePoint task management, the Saketa Kanban Board.

To make any process, project or product a success, you need a perfect combination of team work, task prioritization/distribution and management. In today’s world where plans and priorities change rapidly, one needs to be on top of things and agile in adapting to changes. Kanban board has been a great tool for such activities, that many project management tools have incorporated a Kanban board view for their cards, activities, tasks or by whatever name they refer to this granularity of project milestones.

SharePoint being an organization wide collaboration portal has a very nice feature for managing and assigning tasks via a SharePoint task list. It has a graphical view where the dependencies and timelines can be tracked among other details. But if things are rapidly changing, there is no easy way of reassigning or prioritizing them. A feature like Kanban board will change the dimension of functioning for project managers. Saketa has just the perfect solution that can fill this gap for SharePoint users.

And the Saketa Kanban Board has the flexibility to adapt to any kind of process management, be it a delivery, manufacturing, assembly or a simple tracking of information.


Key features

  • SharePoint add-in that works for both SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016 On-premise or Office 365 (Cloud).
  • Provides card view of SharePoint tasks in a Kanban Board.
  • Displays the task priority with color codes.
  • Ability to set the sequence of cards on the board.
  • Reassigning, re-prioritizing and updating tasks can now just happen by a drag and drop.
  • Ability to auto fill the default % completions on a drag and drop.
  • Multiple filters to categorize tasks --- By start date, assigned user, and due date.
  • Configurable Statuses to your business needs.
  • Use any SharePoint task list in your host site or use the default task list provided by the app.
  • An app-part that can give you a Kanban board on any page of your host site, without navigating to an app.

Explore Saketa Kanban Board now, with a free trial for 15 days or drop us a not for a demo "demo @". Tried it or Like it already, let us know your requirements to our team "hello" to get you started.

v1.0.0.1 Release comes with an app-part for host site and the ability to use any SharePoint task list in the host site as source for the Kanban Board.

v1.0.1.0 - Fix for Access denied error (403) in O365 environment, started after a Microsoft update.

v1.0.3.0 - Filter level enhancements and browser compatibility fixes