Confirmed Notification Lite

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Display important messages and register users who have approved their content.

Confirmed Notifications allows displaying various information to users and register who read the message. Thanks to this tool you will be able to reach all the users, as well as quickly find those who did not accept the displayed text using a list with registry of acceptance.

Web part gives the possibility to choose one of three types of importance to each message:

  • Danger,
  • Warning,
  • Info,

As well as to configure parameters defining

  • Name,
  • content,
  • is it active,
  • does it require acceptance,
  • display time,
  • can it be closed by a user,
  • does it disappear on its own after set time.

The feature that demands user acceptance registers everyone who clicked the "Accept" button on SP list, together with timestamp and name of the message that they agreed to.

Administrator can create and save many notifications from the dedicated SP list. Moreover, default colors of the messages can be changed in settings.

Lite version of Confirmed Notification has full functionality of the web part, but is provided with sunzinet logo. Soon there will be a full version available in the store, with additional option to remove the logo of the publisher.